5 Kitchen Items & Equipment Needed To Make A Chinese Or Thai Dish

Our chefs at Hugo’s Lounge share a few kitchen pieces that may be worth investing in if you’re looking to create authentic Chinese or Thai cuisine!

1. Whip out the Wok!

The wok is the most important cooking utensil in South East Asia and China, both countries where stir fries are popular. This round-bottomed cooking vessel provides a range of cooking temperatures in one pan, which can get wickedly hot. However, it is exactly this high heat that lends stir-fried food its flavourful edge. Cooks mix everything in the wok with a wok chuan, a long-handled shovel scoop that’s an essential utensil in stir frying. It may also be handy to own a good, sturdy metal spatula to scrape up the tasty bits from the bottom of the pan!

2. Steamer Baskets

Impress your guests with steamed dumplings and buns, cooked and served in a steamer basket! Bamboo steamers are designed to be used in a wok over boiling water, and are often also used as serving dishes. Although not as popular, these steamer baskets are also available in metal, and are much easier to clean than their bamboo counterparts.
A great advantage of steamer baskets is that they make it possible to steam multiple dishes at once by stacking layer upon layer of individual bamboo racks. This method requires only one burner and wok, making it ideal when entertaining guests.

3. Bamboo Strainer

Commonly seen in Chinese restaurants, strainers are great for frying or draining liquid from spring rolls or dumplings. Crunchy!

4. Clay Pots

The best dishes to make in a clay pot are those with sauce, such as curries, winter stews and soups and other liquid-based dishes. Using an abundance of sauce and liquid is key as otherwise, your dish may burn. Clay pot cooking is quick and easy, not to mention, saves electricity. The best part is that it can go right from the stove to the table, and the food will remain bubbling hot while you are eating.

5. Rice Cooker

Although you could get by without one, this electric appliance cooks rice perfectly every time. Some cookers have various settings for different types of rice and porridges, while others simply have an on and off button.

If you’re more of an eater than a cook, let us treat you at Hugo’s Lounge, a popular eatery in St. Julian’s. We also offer a plethora of sushi and Indian dishes as part of our varied Pan-Asian menu. Tantalise your palate with the robust flavours of Asia.

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