Aperol Spritz – The Perfect Summer Cocktail

There are so many delicious and tempting drinks here at Hugo’s Lounge that it’s hard to single any of them out. However, there’s something about a cold and refreshing Aperol Spritz that simply makes it the star of anyone’s summer. Hugo Chetcuti and team have put together a few brief facts about this shimmering orange cocktail, and why it should be your very best friend this season!

The Appearance

We like to think of the classic Aperol Spritz as sunshine captured in a glass. If it were a human being, it would turn heads when entering the room, and leave the party with the most beautiful person on its arm. Strikingly pretty and vibrant in colour, its shade of shocking orange makes it stand out among other cocktails.

The Taste

With aromas and flavours that range from rhubarb, gentian root and sweet and bitter oranges, it’s little wonder that so many people have taken to this wonderfully invigorating drink. Faint herbal undertones and orange zest add to the overall flavour, with a bittersweet finish tasting ever so slightly of grapefruit. The texture is soft and viscous, but not too thick or syrupy. It flows smoothly down the palate, making it the ideal drink to pair with a platter of soft cheeses or cold cuts.

It’s Italy’s Favourite Cocktail!

Around 300,000 Aperol cocktails are consumed every day in the Veneto region alone! A combination of effective marketing campaigns and the traditional Venetian custom of meeting friends after school or work for a drink have greatly contributed to the Aperol’s popularity, eventually spreading to other regions as well.

What’s in Hugo Chetcuti’s Aperol Spritz?

The perfect Aperol cocktail is made of 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol and just a splash of soda. It’s then garnished with a slice of orange and served in a wine glass with plenty of ice.

Are you sweating your afternoon away in this simmering July heat? Come over and cool off at Hugo’s Lounge, one of the most popular establishments in St. Julian’s owned by Hugo Chetcuti. Enjoy a fruity and ice-cold Aperol Spritz and revitalise yourself with some of our delectable items on the menu.

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