How To Make Chinese Spring Rolls: A Guide By Hugo’s Chefs

Crunchy, mouth-watering and simply bursting with flavour, Chinese spring rolls make for the perfect appetiser or snack when sharing a meal between friends or family. Although they look complicated to make, they’re actually quite simple if you follow these instructions – brought to you by the Hugo’s Lounge and team!

1. Fry up some filling!

Grab a large pan and heat up some cooking oil. Add 2 tsp of both ginger and garlic and heat for about half a minute, after which, throw in half a cup of sliced green peppers and onions. Allow the latter to cook for two minutes before adding 1 cup grated carrot, 1 cup shredded cabbage and half a cup of cooked noodles. Sautee the mixture for 3 minutes, making sure you stir frequently.

(Tip from our chefs: To avoid overly long pieces falling out of the rolls, cut the noodles into pieces measuring about 4cm each. This makes everything much neater in presentation – not to mention way less messy when eating!)

Next come the liquid ingredients: turn off the heat, and then mix in 2 tsp of Szechuan sauce and 1 tsp ketchup, adding some salt to taste. Coat all the vegetables and filling ingredients evenly, mixing well.

2. Fill the wrappers

Lay out the spring roll wrapper in a diamond shape on a flat surface. Scoop up a small amount of filling and place it on ¾ of the wrapper, just towards the edge of one corner. Cover the filling with the horizontal ends of the of the wrapper; tuck in any shorter, exposed ends on either side with your fingers. Here is where the fun part comes in. Roll the rest of the wrapper up until a small tube is formed and hey presto – you’ve got yourself your first spring roll!

3. Let’s fry up a tasty batch

Add a thin layer of oil onto the surface of a wok or large frying pan. After a minute or so, add the spring rolls, cooking on medium heat until they turn a golden-brown colour. Flip after every few minutes to ensure that every roll cooks on all sides.
Once they are ready, serve with a side of soy sauce or any of your favourite dipping ingredients.

In the mood for spring rolls (rhetorical question, of course you are) but don’t have the time or energy to make your own? Grab all your foodie friends and come over to Hugo’s Lounge for the best in Asian fusion food and of course, delicious spring rolls! Our amazing fillings range from prawn and crab to duck with yummy hoisin sauce – and if you simply can’t make up your mind, order Hugo’s Spring Roll Platter for the ultimate spring roll combination.

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