Our Guide To Sashimi

Fresh, soft and delicate – few delicacies in Japanese cuisine can compare to the unique taste and texture of sashimi. Not to be confused with sushi, sashimi are thin, raw slices usually of seafood; however, types of meat such as horse, beef or venison can also be served. The Hugo’s Lounge team has compiled a few facts about this delectable dish.

The Stars of the Sashimi World

Salmon (Sake): This fish is especially loved for its tender and fatty flesh, with its bright orange appearance and particularly delicious flavour.
Tuna (Magoro): No sashimi menu would be complete without a generous serving of tuna listed as an option. It’s usually divided into two categories, depending on how much fat the slice of fish contains – chutoro (medium) and otoro (premium). Tuna sashimi has a rich and buttery taste, especially when carved from the pink, fatty flesh from the lower part of the animal.

Did you know?

Bon Appetit 
Rarely is sashimi enjoyed as a main course in Japan. In contrast, it’s normally served as an appetiser. Like this, sashimi can be fully enjoyed on an empty mouth and stomach, allowing you to fully appreciate all the flavours and textures.

So long and thanks for all the fish 
It’s estimated that 80% of the world’s popular of bluefin tuna is used to make sushi.

Mind your manners
There is such a thing as sashimi etiquette in Japan. When helping yourself to soy sauce to dip your sashimi into, you’re only supposed to take as much as you need – more than that is considered impolite. Don’t mix any wasabe or ginger into the sauce – dab them gently onto the fish instead.

Sashimi means “life” in Japanese
As with many other Japanese words, it’s meaning is split into two: sashi means “pierced” while mi translates into “meat” or “body”.

Make this the summer of sashimi – head over to Hugo’s Lounge to enjoy some of the best Japanese cuisine on the island! Our chefs have prepared freshly slice salmon sashimi, garnished with sliced cucumber, shredded white radish and carrots. And of course, we haven’t left tuna off the menu – sink your teeth into our fresh otoro slices, also garnished with the same ingredients. Save some room for our steamed prawns and share one of our sushi platters amongst yourselves as a main course!
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