Strangest Sushi Around the World

Whenever sushi is mentioned, images of cute little rolls wrapped in black usually come to mind – as well as a tasty pot of wasabi and slices of ginger on the side! However, as with any other popular dish, there are many odd variations to be found of these Japanese delicacy all across the globe. Hugo Chetcuti’s team have put together a few of the strangest that exist.

Cheese and Hamburger Sushi (Japan)

We all love a beef patty smothered in mozzarella or cheddar – but you’d need to have a bit of an acquired taste to enjoy a burger on a bed of sushi! And, unexpectedly, it’s a Japanese invention, available on the conveyor belt of the Genki Sushi chain.

Sushirittos: “Sushi Burritos” (America)

Where could you find this weird combination? The USA, of course! Sushiritto is actually a chain offering sushi burritos around the San Francisco Bay area. Peter Yen, the founder, wanted to provide a way for people to enjoy sushi on the go. The flavours are a unique blend of Japanese and Peruvian.

Sushi Pizza (Canada)

Don’t know whether you’re in the mood for Asian or just plain old comfort food? Why not both? The Canadians have come up with the solution: sushi pizza! The origins of this unusual dish are thought to date back to 1992, to a sushi restaurant in Montreal, Quebec. The recipe is basically a patty made up of fried rice, topped with avocado and salmon. Very often wasabi powder and mayonnaise are added for seasoning or dressing purposes.

Sushi Doughnuts (Thailand)

Thankfully, no raw fish are involved! This strange, yet apparently tasty treat was first spotted by a Japanese tourist, made by a franchise called Mister Donut. The SushiDo line is very popular with the Thai, and the Japanese have been trying to make it available in their country as well – though to no success so far.

The Shiok Maki (Singapore)

This has become hugely popular with Singaporeans since its debut.  One version is truly exceptional – a rice roll with aburi salmon, unagi and avocado, all covered in cheesy mayonnaise and a special kind of roe (mentaiko). The second variation is made with wakame seaweed and ebi sashimi.

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