Tempt Me With Some Temaki

So much sushi, so little time! (Not really – there’s always plenty of time for sushi). Among the many different types of these cute, bite-sized Japanese delicacies are temaki – rarely found in more formal eateries, but popular at casual establishments such as Hugo’s Lounge. Read on to find out about these cone-shaped curiosities, brought to you by Hugo Chetcuti and team.

Temaki Tricks – From Preparation to The Dinner Table

It all begins from a sheet of nori seaweed, which is cut in half in order to ease the process. A small amount of rice is scooped up into the nori, together with the filling. Afterwards, everything is then rolled to form a small cone. Because of their shape, temaki are meant to be eaten by hand rather than with chopsticks. To prevent the ingredients from becoming too soft and rubbery, temaki should be eaten almost immediately after being served.

Ain’t No Party Like a Temaki Party

Temaki make for great and immensely appetising finger food at casual events or celebrations. In Japan, many families lay out the nori and different filling ingredients on the table, allowing their guests to prepare their own temaki cones to suit their own tastes and preferences. A variety of seasonings and dipping sauces such as wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger are also offered, alongside fresh vegetables, fish, tofu and eggs.

What’s in Hugo Chetcuti’s Temaki?

We offer three delectable temaki types for you and your sushi-loving friends to sink your teeth into.
Sample the California Temaki – a mouth-watering combination of crab sticks, Japanese mayonnaise, avocado and orange tobiko (fish roe). Or perhaps you’d prefer the Tuna Temaki with wakame, fresh tuna slices and avocado. Last but definitely not least are our Salmon Temaki, with cucumber, wakame and avocado surrounding fresh salmon slices.

Try out some of the best temaki on the island, and make your way over to Hugo’s Lounge, owned by none other than Hugo Chetcuti. Don’t forget to experiment with different types of sushi and be as adventurous as you like with our menu – we offer maki, nigiri, gunkan and sashimi. Can’t make up your mind? Share a tasty platter amongst yourselves and make it a night to remember!

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