Weird Fusion Food Around the World

When Hugo Chetcuti first established Hugo’s Lounge in the heart of Paceville, he intended the menu to be one that incorporated different cultures and tastes around the world (particularly the Asian continent). This idea of fusing ingredients from different countries and cuisines is one that is fairly common throughout the culinary world – sometimes with rather, erm, interesting results! Have a look at some of the strangest and most unusual fusion food ever thought up, brought to you by Hugo Chetcuti and team.

Kit-Kat Sandwich (Japan) 

Back in 2015, a Japanese food chain First Kitchen unveiled this weirdly appealing creation. It doesn’t get much more complicated than what its name implies – a Kit-Kat topped with orange peel and whipped cream, sandwiched between two slices of white bread.

Dried Pork and Seaweed Doughnut (China)

Sometimes we wonder whether the East is simply getting their revenge on the West for messing around with their original cuisine! If so, they’ve pretty much succeeded with this fishy-looking doughnut recipe. Aside from the seaweed layer, the Chinese have added one of their favourite ingredients – pork floss. It’s basically dried up pork meat that has been ground up into fine particles. Yum?

The Japadog (Canada)

Not only a name but an entire fast food chain, the Japadog is a Canadian creation which combines the best of Japanese and American cuisine. They’re speciality hot dogs filled with avocado, tempura, teriyaki sauce… and seaweed. Of course.

The “Croissushi” (Los Angeles, the United States)

Tired of the usual chocolate or cream in your morning pastry? Switch things up a bit with sushi. The California Croissant at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is full of ingredients like wasabi, ginger and a smoked salmon sushi roll.

Chilli Crab Ice Cream (Singapore)

We have to salute our Singaporean friends for thinking of this one. Labyrinth restaurant serves this dessert as part of what they describe as their “holistic dining experience”. A cold and creamy chilli paste is used to make the ice-cream; to complete the dish, it’s served alongside deep fried soft shell crab, sweet steamed buns and smothered with chilli crab sauce.

Hugo Chetcuti invites you over to Hugo’s Lounge, his very own pan-Asian eatery in St. Julian’s. Tuck into the best of Eastern cuisine with signature fusion twists that can’t be found anywhere else in Malta!

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