What The Gunk Are Gunkan Sushi

You’ve probably heard and read all you need to know about Nigiri and Maki sushi by now (and if not, check out our previous blog if you’re hungering for more info as well as food!) However, not many are aware of what are known as Gunkan sushi, one of our latest additions to our already jam-packed and delicious menu. Hugo Chetcuti and team have gathered a few bits of information about this unusual sushi recipe – read on to find out more.

What’s in a name?

Gunkan translates into “battleship” or “warship” – in fact, each piece is designed to form the shape of a little boat. The origins of gunkanmaki go all the way back to 1941, where chefs in a Ginza restaurant called Kyubei began wrapping messier seafoods in this particular way for a more elegant appearance.

What’s in the filling?

As with most other types of sushi, the basic ingredients of gunkan are nori seawood and rice, accompanied by fish, meat or vegetables. In the case gunkanmaki, the fish is usually in the form of salmon, fresh prawn or tuna. The key ingredient in gunkan sushi is fish roe, which adds a crunchy and salty flavour to the roll. In some countries, quail eggs or oysters are used as toppings instead.

Finally, what’s in Hugo Chetcuti’s gunkan rolls?

Our chefs take special pride in creating recipes that are both delicious and unique – which is why our gunkan sushi is available in wrappings of either nori or cucumber slices! Choose between the prawn, tuna, salmon or ikura Gunkan, each filled with mouth-watering ingredients such as wakame seaweed, boiled fresh prawn and salmon caviar.

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